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I’m moving!

I don’t have many blog readers here (that I know of–some of you may be stealthily stalking me) & in order to make good with a new years resolution I made to follow thru with things, I’m moving. I’ve made a leap to On this new site, I will feature my own personal blog, … Continue reading

Playing the Victim

I’ve always been the type to blame people for things–my own reactions to circumstances. I think people, definitely myself, forget that WE control our own emotions because we control our thoughts. My finger pointing is a testament to a horrible habit of playing the victim. This all didn’t occur to me until after a few … Continue reading

Man Whores & A Woman Scorned

I was on Facebook the other day, randomly (if you know me, you know I don’t fancy FB) & I was kinda shocked to see my chat window blinking. When I clicked, I was a little confused to see that it was a happy couple (girl kissing boy on cheek) trying to get my attention … Continue reading

Lonely vs. Independent

The other night, I attended a Sade album listening party. Of course I was looking forward to it because–who doesn’t love Sade? I went alone, which is usually no biggie to me because over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten used to being alone, going places alone & spending time alone. I’ve always enjoyed my own … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

It’s Christmas Time in the Country

I went home for Christmas, neice, nephew & sister in tow. We had an incredible time with our little country family. Christmas has definitely lost its luster as the years have gone by. I remember the excitement in going to bed on Christmas eve, not being able to sleep knowing your new favorite toys were … Continue reading

TIm Burton at the MOMA

Art is amazing because it’s all about perception. Some people manage to think so far out of the box, they leave us all behind in a confused stupor. However, some artists are so in tuned with their imaginations, they take us on a journey with them & we get to see the world through their … Continue reading

Hometown Glory

I went home for Thanksgiving this year & that’s kind of a big deal, because usually, I don’t go because my sister can’t afford it. She has two children & traveling with kids is never cheap. With trying to make her ends meet on a daily basis, raising two kids solo in BK, going home … Continue reading

Latest Interview: The Clipse

Virginia Is For Grindin’ It’s very well-known that Virginia is for lovers—lovers of music, lovers of hip hop. With talent like Timbaland, Missy & Pharell all hailing from the loving state, it’s no wonder why two of VA’s finest—Malice & Pusha—are not only filling those big shoes, but using said shoes to walk along their … Continue reading

Random Photos from Random Parties & What Not

This was earlier this summer at a party called: Party Like A Pinup This is me trying to dress like one 🙂 Gabby LOVES takin’ pics with these weird ass angles. My legs look yummy! 🙂 Don’t really know this guy. He just really wanted as pic with me *shrugs* I was wearing my Harem … Continue reading