Captiol Time…in Colombia?

Ok kids….its time for momma to head to DC for Memorial Weekend. I am TOO excited! I get to see my dear sweet ol’ fooo’l Jose. It’s gonna be like old times, but neither of us is broke like we used to be…barely able to rub two dimes together lmao! Ugh, so many jokes, ups, … Continue reading

Pretty Young Thing.

Feels good to be pretty. LOL Seriously. I am starting to realize it more and it feels good. I was never the pretty girl, in grade school, high school and not really in college either. Although college is when I started blossoming more with my personal style and look. I got more looks and kind … Continue reading

Does that make me CRAAAAZYYY!? possibly.

So…I have been having all kinds of mental anguish/anxiety/attacks…oooh aliteration, how I adore thee…haha, but yeah, been feeling icky icky poo poo for a few weeks now and after diagnosing myself with mild depression, I have also decided to be my own therapist. Now, I know that sounds really…well…for lack of a better term, stupid, … Continue reading

GREEN with…envy…no…insanity.

GRRRRR! So that arse-hole called only once. And when he did and I didn’t answer, he was like, you must be the stupidest person ever! Then the message went on…too bad stupidest isn’t a word. Or is it? Whatever…I don’t feel like my plan to play him worked because he seems as though he was … Continue reading

is the grass GREENER on the other side?

So I have an addiction to a certain GREEN plant. No matter how hard I try…ok so maybe I dont really try…but I can’t seem to let that addiction go. It wasn’t until last night that I had a clear idea of just how much it has infiltrated my life… I was supposed to meetup … Continue reading

Temptation’s Theory…

So I have been thinking lately about luring the opposite sex. And this is what I came up with. Mmmk…so I have this vision of walking around with my head held high, putting on a show. Not so much LOOOOOK ATTT MEEEE, but more subtle…kinda like…here I am. I am pretty, confident, sexy, flirty, and … Continue reading

This is why nice guys finish last….

….because they are just like assholes! Talk about your wolf in sheep’s clothing. Well, a while ago Chad convinced me to put an ad up on craigslist underneath the personals. So…he hooked me up with a gmail account as well as the post itself. It was nice, sweet, and too the point. I did’t want … Continue reading

Sexxxx is overrated.

So much to blog about, so little time! AHHH! Well, let me start off by saying West Indie boo will be no longer mentioned in this blog heretofore (love using words like that). He is a freaking jerk!!! Ok, so here’s the scoop. I was in dire need of a Mary Jane re-up, so I … Continue reading

Robin who? and more tales

So whatever, didn’t get to see Mr. Thicke because they were tripping too hard on the PR side of things. Saying if you didn’t get the original email from people that you weren’t getting in. I know I didn’t get the original email, but I wasn’t getting out of line. Netier was anyone else that … Continue reading

Robin Thicke and a story…

I need some fans or something. I mean really! How does a chick get some love on this site. I guess, I need to advertise. Come up with a whole marketing scheme, send out press releases, alert the news and paparazzi. I’m trying to blow up! But seriously though…I am going to see Robin Thicke … Continue reading