is the grass GREENER on the other side?

So I have an addiction to a certain GREEN plant. No matter how hard I try…ok so maybe I dont really try…but I can’t seem to let that addiction go. It wasn’t until last night that I had a clear idea of just how much it has infiltrated my life…

I was supposed to meetup with this guy from online to get some green. I know, sounds FISHY. EIther way, this guy stood me up once, so I was a bit apprehensive. I IM-ed him to let him know when I was leaving the city. He said, fine…I’m here. Then I IM-ed him when I arrived at WTC on the path train to Newark. He was like ooOOkkkk. So then I got to Newark, called…no answer. I went inside McDonald’s and called again, no answer. Then I IM-ed him. He told me to ask about a bus to Paterson. That’s when I was like, I thought you lived in Newark! I told you 2 hours before I arrived that I was coming and I expected you to be waiting at the station. He signed off and I waited for him to sign back on…nothing. I called…nothing, straight to vmail. Why was I sitting at McDonald’s for an HOURRR!?

Then I finally decide to head out back to my neck of the woods. When I get settled on the train and pass the stop before mine…this fool calls me. Says something about losing signal or whatever…I am so pissed, then the call dropped. I am glad I decided to go home. UGH…why?!?! But I was in SUCH a bad mood, not about being stood up, but moreso about not getting my green and thats when I KNEW I had a problem. Like a serious problem. I was at the point of tears, even shed a few because I couldn’t get my MJ. Something is definitely wrong with that.

So Chad and I devised a plan to play the living daylights outa him. So he IM-ed me this morning talking about last night was crazy, and all outa whack. Like it wasn’t his fault, then later admitted to me that he was busy trying to make a baby with a woman that has 5 already LMAO. (mind you, he told me last night that he lost signal) Is this some type of joke? I am utterly confused and digusted…lmao, but I was joking hard on him. Either way, the conversation had to turn, so I could play him.

I said something like, how can you tell me that when I thought you wanted to get with me? He said some other bs…long story short…I told him I would meet him tonite, then started seducing him so that he would think I wanted him in that way. He honestly thought so too! Like, after he told me he was having sex with someone else, he would THINK that I wanted to still meet up and what not….how loserish. Either way…I am glad that I get a chance to play him…even though I really want my green. Lets see how many times he calls me. LOL.

Chad was mad at me because I was about to meet up with him anyway, so I can get my green, but he still thinks I want him sexually…ugh, I dont know. I need to stick to the plan, huh? Men can be the worst! BTW, he even told me that he doesnt have sex on the first nite! lmao! But he is more than willing to cheat on his future baby momma! WTF?


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