What Daddy Doesn’t know.

Daddy,Read me a bedtime story. once upon a time,there was a little girlwho fell down a well.she couldn’t swim,so she floated at the top with the mosquitoes. they taught her survival. she grew to love the smell of algaeand thought she might just stay at the bottomsucking fish eggs and belching guppies. my daddy doesn’t … Continue reading


Yes ladies and gentlemen. The day has arrived. Let’s not talk about my outfit because it was unworthy, ha. Let’s talk about how I got up at the crack of dawn to make it in to work. I stayed late and then had my dinner plans at Dip. Benz didn’t come. I was so mad. … Continue reading

Day Seven

9/16-07 Why is day 7 not my birthday? I don’t know. But it’s a Sunday. I slept in, again. I woke around 7:48, which is when my niece wanted me to call her. I asked her the night before if she wanted me to be the first one to tell her happy birthday and she … Continue reading

Day Six

9/15-07Gotta love Saturday. Oh man, was I excited to sleep in on this day. The week had me feeling weak, so I slept until 12 or so. Jumped out of bed because it was nice out. I thought it was going to be rainy and gross and it wasn’t, so before the sky had a … Continue reading

Day Five

Fridayyyy! 9/14-07 I decided to put together a white shirt and light blue jeans with a pink sweater and pink, grey and blue tie. I wore pink flats and pink gumball sized earrings. It was tres cute. So work went surprisingly well considering the amount of drinks I’d had the night before. I came bright … Continue reading

Day Four

9/13/07I wore a black button up collared shirt with a lavendar tie and button earrings. I wore a pair of 7even jeans and black pointy toe flats. The day started pretty much like any other. I was excited because tonight, Benz would be joining in on the festivities.After work, I headed over to Naked Lunch, … Continue reading

Day Three

9/12/07… I wore dark denim jeans with a beige lacey top and brown vest. I looked cuter than I felt. It was a pretty slow day for me. I didn’t really have anything planned, so I went to Brooklyn after work and got my nail fixed, went to the grocery store, then tried to see … Continue reading

Day Two

Day 2…9/11-07 Interesting day to say the least. The 6th anniversary of 9/11. The day has a sad undertone. It was gloomy and a bit rainy. But, I tried to remain positive and no, not solely for the selfish reason of birthday madness, but for the reason of me being so down lately that I … Continue reading

Dani Week-Day One

Ok, so it is actually Day 3. hehe But you know how I am about my blogging. Anyway. Day 1 was 9/10, a Monday. I was wearing black shorts, black tank top with a purple and white striped button up and wore point toe black flats. The day started well, I felt good and energized … Continue reading

Love…the heck is that?

Today, a coworker announced in all giddyness, her engagement. There has been word thru the office that she has actually been expecting it because her and her boyfriend, now fiancee have been together for some time. Hearing women talk about engagement after a certain point in relationships got me wondering. Is being engaged an expected … Continue reading