Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

We all lie. A lot. It’s inevitable. Eve started it. Maybe I should read that story over. Not sure if she lied, but once that forbidden fruit was bitten, we were locked into a life filled with sin.

I noticed that the lies are all around, however small, however large. For instance, how do you answer, “How are you?” 90% of people, if not more, say a simple, “Fine,” and keep it moving. If you are ever to divulge anymore than “fine” or any other sarcastic way of saying “not so fine,” people get uncomfortable. Why is that? We all know that everything isn’t always “fine,” yet we don’t want to hear about it when someone chooses to share that.

There is a woman that works in my office that is CLEARLY suffering from an eating disorder. I’m talking bones protruding, hair thinning, can’t help but stare kinda eating disorder. Anyone who has had contact with her at any given moment is a liar. I say this because we turn our cheeks the other way, ignore the problem and go on with our lives. Usually you don’t see people with eating disorders as functioning parts of society, but she is. She has clients, colleagues, a husband and seemingly a life like anyone else.

Sure, she has a few weird habits:
She drinks the tallest coffees I’ve ever seen and constantly refills/reheats them.
She stuffs a small coffee cup with packets of splenda, what she does with it, who knows?
She takes pizza leftover from meetings and picks at it like a rat and leave everything but the crust and picked at cheese/bread.
She goes upstairs and eats someone from accounting’s cottage cheese.

I am sure there are more, but most of these have been said to me in the midst of gossip. Gossip. People would rather talk/laugh/gossip about this woman that needs more help than we could ever know and keep living a lie to her face about her disorder. Maybe we lie to ourselves about it so we can feel more comfortable around her?

Then there are relationships. The beginning stages are great, aren’t they? Both sides are trying so hard not to hurt/disappoint/disgrace the other, that they may be projecting an image of someone the are not. What’s so bad about starting out a relationship with someone is the fact that you expect this person to be the best person they can be, when in TRUTH, no one is completely ever going to be the best person they can be. People fall short, it’s what we do. Yes, there are some amazing people in this world; however, even they have things about themselves that they loathe. And as a result, people project who they WANT to be rather than who they ARE. Potency. Take a second, breathe it in.

Maybe I am talking about you all, or maybe just me.


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