RIP 2008…

I feel like I am laying someone to rest with the end of this year. As I sit here and type this out, I can feel my change wanting to come from somewhere deep inside past my soul and around the corner from my psyche. I feel it pulling to release itself into my life…again. … Continue reading

Katrina, who would have known?

Agenda setting is something I learned in my college communication courses. It’s basically what the media chooses to make news and reveal to the public, therefore setting our agenda when it comes to television viewing. When Katrina happened only some of us were obsessed with it, figuring out ways to help out. Now that it’s … Continue reading

How could you NOT love him?

Ok, yes. Yes. I will admit it. I am an Obama supporter. And on the list of reasons why is…his cuteness. Don’t judge me. It’s inevitable. The man has managed to live a charmed life where his charisma and apparent intelligence have landed him in a pivotal role in our lives. And I embrace him. … Continue reading

Are you happy now?

My dear sweet lady friend Mintz McGee wanted me to do this, so I am doing this for her and the good of all mankind. Yes, all of them. 1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Good question. I was 14. I was in the 9th grade at Southern Nash Jr. High School in … Continue reading


Can’t block what you loboe!

My sister, the mother.

My oldest sister has never been the best of mothers. To be completely honest, sometimes I think she may be one of the worst. One thing is for sure though, she does love my nieces, but how much…couldn’t tell you. I say this because, I am afraid her ways are rubbing off on my older … Continue reading

Writing for my life….

More of my work. Please, check me out, comment, support, love. CLICK MESlim was a pretty interesting man. I honestly thought he would be a bit of a snooze. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE 112, but hearing about what one of them has to say, ehh. LOL But, all in all, great interview. He … Continue reading

Will I ever get it right?

I cried last night. And these are the same tears that I have been crying since I was 13 years old and I had my first crush. Boys. What the hell is my issue? I was never one of those people that thought I had daddy issues, until a few years ago. How is this … Continue reading