Katrina, who would have known?

Agenda setting is something I learned in my college communication courses. It’s basically what the media chooses to make news and reveal to the public, therefore setting our agenda when it comes to television viewing.

When Katrina happened only some of us were obsessed with it, figuring out ways to help out. Now that it’s been three years since all hell broke loose in New Orleans, most of us have moved on to Presidential elects, Oprah’s weight gain or this failing economy and I don’t blame you; I am just as obsessed with those things.

But, it’s because of this video that my focus has once again landed on Katrina victims. Not only did these people suffer through conditions so horrible, I’m sure they weren’t too happy to still be alive, but they had to worry about being shot at by self proclaimed vigilantes.
Here, watch for yourself. Crazy world we live in folks.

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