Writing is My Boyfriend.

When we first started seeing each other, I was about seven. We started out casually. We made poetry, mostly about about bubbles and my childish ideas of love. Then, we dove deeper into each other with journals, where I’d pour out my heart and soul, while confessing all of my sins shamelessly. He listened wholeheartedly … Continue reading


My brain is kinda all over today. But…I thought since we are currently 22 days into 2009, I will entertain you with the status of my “resolutions.” Mary Jane-def have slowed it down, but haven’t made myself proud yet. Going to attempt smoking only thrice a week. Fornication-found out it’s certainly not a need and … Continue reading

Young and Ambitious.

Yay Obama is Prez! Woo Hoo! Ok, now that this is over, let’s take a second to highlight a few people that helped Obama get to where he is. Or maybe they just get his coffee, either way Reggie Love and Eugene Kang make me feel like an under-achiever! These two men personally assist our … Continue reading

Happy History in the Making Day!

I couldn’t be any prouder! I have been grinning like a Cheshire Cat since 6:45 am. Woke up like I was dreaming in a permanent smile. HOPE. CHANGE. OBAMA. Here is some live feed of the Inauguration. If you can’t find it elsewhere, find it here. Via the Inauguration Guide

My love affair with music.

If you know me, then you know I love music. Correction, I live for it. Sometimes when I am bored, I will go on myspace and search the UK for top acoustic/soul/blues artists. It seems that the UK yields some of the best vocalists in those genres. In my latest search, I found Jem Cooke. … Continue reading

I think she has a future in music.

I love love love my neice and nephew. My neice is a character, everytime she noticed the camera, she would break out into song. The ABC song is one of her favorite songs in her 3 year old repertoire. And my nephew was just there. Enjoy the cuteness.

The Many Faces of Dani

People have always tried to keep up with my many looks. I am just an unsatisfied type of person. I always want and welcome change. Even in my hair. I I have had a number of looks over the years and I have been very fond of them all. The most current look, long with … Continue reading


Yo! I can’t even believe it, but I performed last night. Nerves don’t even begin to describe it. I was scared out of my mind! But I did it. I had been telling a lot of my friends about it and slowly, no one was able to make it. Ugh!! I am very independent, so … Continue reading

I wanna be like Falu when I grow up.

Friday, I went to Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe for a slam. Four poets performed. Chanel Gabriel, Falu, Ben and Rich Story. Each poet was different in their own right, but who stood out to me, was Falu. She has a way of speaking her words that is so tranquil and not like everyone else who does … Continue reading

Hearing God’s Voice, Something Poetic.

I have been dealing with myself spiritually over the past couple of years and only let church be IN church. Well, it needs to be everywhere and that is something that God has been speaking to me for a while now. I went to see some poetry on Friday night to unwind a hectic first … Continue reading