Are you happy, now?

I woke up in a horrible mood this morning and I continually got more irritated on my commute to work. So, I am going to write about what I’m loving right now in my life to make me feel better. I hope this works. I am going to try to come up with 10.

  1. Going to Puerto Rico next month!!!!!
  2. I’m eating healthier than ever.
  3. I’m writing for my life, DAILY.
  4. I look in the mirror and smile because I’m pretty. (nothing wrong with confidence, besides, this is making me feel better!)
  5. I’ve been able to hold on to my abstinence with little to no effort.
  6. I’m getting a sort of new laptop.
  7. My hair looks awesome today.
  8. I’m going to see my mary jane man tonight. (*sings like Ne-Yo, I just can’t stopppp)
  9. I’m still young and have my whole life ahead of me.
  10. I collected three phone numbers thus far this week with no intention on calling these fools. Pimp on!


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