I’m So Excited!

Today, I will be interviewing this man. Johnny Polygon for YRB Magazine. It’s going to be so super dope, I don’t even know the words to say! If you’ve never heard of him, get that rock of top of you and follow me. Advertisements

Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis?!

Possibly, Willis could be talking about how Gary Coleman looks like Death in a pair of Crocs. Tres scary.What the hell happened to you my dude? Warning! Nightmares to follow. Seriously.

Tensions Are As Hot As The Deep Fryer

Oh lawd. What possessed Popeyes to have a special last week…8 pieces for $4.99? I guess the same reason Beyonce is selling $20 I Am Sasha…Fierce tour tickets. We’re obviously in a recession, but does that justify these chicken loving fools to have this type of reaction? I guess if it were me and I … Continue reading

Puerto Rican Pics.

I know I promised you guys some pics. And because it’s Friday evening, I gotta rush and put up only a few. Yes, we were drinking on the beach, at night. Safety first! We were REAL excited to be at the Bacardi Factory! Fin. For now. Also, my boy Jake posted some pics on his … Continue reading

Dani [plus] Day 26 [equals] A Sexy Good Time.

Who loves Making the Band? I know I do. I got a chance to sit down with the fellas of Day26 (minus Willie) and chop it up. Read here. Oh yeah and unfortunately I am not the editor of the site, so, those grammatical and spelling errors…don’t look at me!

Shock Me Like An Electric Feel

Fresh off the boat from Puerto Rico. Ok, so there was no boat involved, but your girl is back from her magnificent vacation in Puerto Rico. I had a crazy amazing time and have got to start traveling more. Pics will come soon, although I have posted a few vids on my YouTube. For now, … Continue reading


No words.

My Newest Obsession

Mia from Taking The Stage is the epitome of talent. This chick is in high school. HIGH SCHOOL! I have a thing for singer/songwriters because they’re obviously more talented than your average manufactured vocalists. This show has become one of my new obsessions, because you get to see so many talented kids showcasing their craft. … Continue reading

Kanye The Gay Fish

Ok, so I’m not sure how late I am, but I was just sent this video this morning and I cannot stop laughing. I’ve never been a South Park fan, but they got me now. Everyone knows there are a lot of (for lack of better word) down low dudes in the music industry. I … Continue reading

Finger Lickin’ Good!

By now, I am sure y’all have seen the many marketing and capitalizing ways of Americans with this new Obama craze. Obama’s sweeping the nation! Get your Obama plates, underwear, comics, and now, you can get your Obama Fried Chicken! Oh man, why not add Obama’s Watermelon Shack or Obama Hair Braiding? Maybe we’re just … Continue reading