I am in LOVE!

No, not because he’s handsome, but because his poetry speaks to me in ways that some poets that go over my head…can’t. It’s not some school girl crush, where I scribble his name across my Trapper Keeper pages, but it’s a love for his words, passion, strength, potency, interpretations and his amazing ability to wrap … Continue reading

Jesus, Take the Wheel…

Why? LOL It’s actually a great idea, you know, if you don’t feel like blow drying your tracks. O_O

You Melt My Heart To Stone

Right under my feet there’s air made of bricksPulls me down turns me weak for youI find myself repeating like a broken tuneAnd I’m forever excusing your intentionsAnd I give in to my pretendingsWhich forgive you each timeWithout me knowingThey melt my heart to stone And I hear your words that I made upYou say … Continue reading

Happenings At Honey

Every other Wednesday, here in fabulous Soho, I meet with the incredible beauties behind HONEYMAG.COM. We sip wine, share ideas, feed off each other’s energies and just unwind. It’s good for the soul, I swear. Once, we even brought out our photog’s camera whored ourselves to the lens. View, here.

Somebody Please Make Her Stop

Straight up outta movie sceneWho knew she was a drama queenThat’ll turn my life to Steven King’sUp late night like she on patrolChecking everything like I’m on paroleI told her there’s somethings she don’t need to knowShe never let it goKanye, you are certainly on to something here.PS, Honeymag.com (one of my many employers) had … Continue reading

Late much? Here’s some PR Pics!

So, I finally got some pics of PR and for some reason, they are super tiny and when I make them bigger, super pixelated. 😦 Boo! Oh well, you can get the jist of it. Enjoy.Airporting it. On the streets of Old San Juan. Looking fierce in the lookout tower. Group shot. Jake and Chad … Continue reading

Who Loves B. Scott? I Do!

Hey Peeps. Here is my latest piece about the fabulous B. Scott. Enjoy 🙂 CLICK ME

He Said/She Said

As I was transcribing an interview I did last week with General Steele (half of Smif N Wessun), he started saying some cool things about me. He doesn’t know me personally, so these were just general things about me being a writer. I loved what he said, so I felt like sharing. There are moments … Continue reading

Slam of The Ages

Who knew teenagers could be so dang deep and just all around incredible! I mean, if you thought our youth was going to hell in a handbasket (never understood this saying) well, these kids are here to show you otherwise. I went to the Slam of the Ages last Friday and let’s just say, I … Continue reading

A Jazzy Thing Happened On Thru The Square

So I was just walking through Union Square the other day, minding my biz, when… Yeah, these dudes are sooo dope. I forgot their name, so if you recognize them, please enlighten me. It’s just good to see young brothers (I so so pro black right now) doing something outside being a wannabe rapper or … Continue reading