Moons Over My Hammy,

Miami was amazing. Evidently summer time is off season for the extremely humid party palace. Who knew? The last thing anyone wants to see upon arriving in their vacation destination…is rain. Unless of course you’re vacationing in Seattle. And that was exactly what we had to endure on the way to the hotel—the largest rainstorm … Continue reading

Beinvenido a Miami!

So, I am literally JUST getting back from Miami and there will be pics to come, but yeah…I’m back. For now. More getaways this weekend though. Which means more pics and more blogs. Try not to miss me too much.

All That I Can Say…

I am sooooo ready to go on the vacay to Miami! I have never been and I need a lil summer wildness in my life. Well, at least before I have to buckle ALL the way down and hit the pavement to get myself another job. I absolutely cannot wait to see what all the … Continue reading

What would you do if your heart could think?

Sometimes I wish my heart could get a brain–get a clue. People make ridiculous decisions when love is involved and I am guilty of that. I’m a woman, therefore very emotional, but I am one of those women that can also think logically. The crazy thing about this mix is I know when I am … Continue reading


So I haven’t written a personal blog in a minute and that is because I have taken to not sharing all my personal feelings and such because for the first time in….forever…I am being selective with the content of my blog. I am very open with my thoughts, feelings, inner workings of my mind and … Continue reading