A Life With Purpose

In 40 days, my life will be transformed. Today, I am making a committment to having a Purpose Driven Life. I was given The Purpose Driven life almost three years ago by a friend of mine that I was in a show with. I didn’t commit to it back then and over these years, I let it collect dust on my bookshelf. I was looking at it the other day, thinking, I wonder if I gave this book a chance, would I be able to transform the direction of my life?

From the outside looking in, people would think that my life isn’t that out of order. I’m living in the city I dreamed of as a kid, I am writing for a living and I’m young. However, I know my own ambition and what goes on with me when no one is watching and I know that my life isn’t in the best place it could be right now. I have absolutely no reason to complain about life, because I can fix it myself. This is my first attempt at REAL self help.

Raise your glasses. Here’s to Danielle Lacole Young, taking 40 life changing days to discover the purpose of her life! Cheers!

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