Day One-It All Starts With God

“Obsession with self in these matters is a dead end; attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious, free life” The Message- Romans 8:6

I thought about how I have been living my life currently, in a bubble where only things directly related to me mattered. I closed out so much of the things in my life because I didn’t feel lie dealing with them. In order to take charge of my life, I need to not focus so much on self. Being selfish does nothing for self help.

The crazy thing is, the first chapter explains how this isn’t even a self help book. It is not about finding the right career, achieving your dreams or planning your life…the book preaches. I can completely understand that. What I am looking for is to take charge of my life and live the purpose that I was put here for. You can choose so many parts and aspects to your life, but you cannot choose your purpose. God’s designed purpose in all our lives and it’s up to us to develop and nurture a relationship with Him in order to gain that purpose.

Day one, I am told to think about my purpose and know that it’s not about me; it’s much bigger than myself. There is something that I find comforting about the book–it gives me a question to consider after every chapter. Today’s question was: In spite of [everything] around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?

It’s one thing to say that I believe in God. But it’s quite another to say that I actually worship. Growing up, I was always taught Christianity and it’s what I base my beliefs on. However, once I was on my own, I would go to church here and there, I might even spout of a popular verse or two–but I was never a true worshipper through and through. I never really created that relationship with God that I needed to. I guess this is really my chance to. I have to remind myself that I am living for God. For real this time.

How can I do this everyday? Praying. I can thank the Lord for waking me up, I can say small prayers and thank you’s throughout the day to show my gratitude for life. It’s funny because one year ago, I got a tattoo on my right wrist that says Faith. It was a physical reminder that everyday, I need to not only have faith in God, but remember my faith–my God. Even though I see that tattoo everyday, sometimes I forget. I need not forget, anymore.


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