MIKE SHOREY-Changing Rhythm and Blues to Realness and Brooklyn

Mike Shorey-Changing Rhythm & Blues to Realness & BrooklynBack in the day R&B music wasn’t even called R&B—it was soul. It was Motown. It was classic before it even paid its dues. These days, our R&B crooners tend to lack creativity, singing the highest praises of a woman’s curves, sex and there’s so many “ooh … Continue reading

Whatever happens in Vegas…

It always takes me forver to do pic blogs. Sheesh. Well, I spent my 25th bday is Vegas & here’s my trip, told through photos. Enjoy. Oh yeah. on a scale of 1-22, Vegas gets a 16.3. 🙂 25 & Fabulous!Another year older & this time sinning the whole Bday through! How do you get … Continue reading

25 & counting…

So, I was thinking. I interview a lot of people, all the time. Most of the time, I am landing these interviews on my own through connections I’ve made in networking. Why am I constantly busting my butt to get these interviews to magazines and online blogs that underpay me or don’t pay me at … Continue reading

Prayer Changes Things.

So a weird thing just happened to me. I say weird because I really don’t know how I feel about it. I was knee-deep in a prayer. I haven’t had a core-shaking prayer in such a long time. In my prayer, I asked for the strength to pull through life and make it into what … Continue reading

Yeah…and another one.

I complain a lot about my life. From the outside, looking in, I bet it looks charming. I am unattached, young, no kids & basically no responsibilities. What the heck do I ever have to be down about? I wish I knew, so that I could stop it from happening. But since it’s going to, … Continue reading