Free Concerts Make Life So Much Better!

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I get to go to these amazing industry parties, networking & schmooze amongst the fabulous, have free cocktails & sometimes food, & if I’m really lucky–free entertainment. NYC, you do incredible things to me every now & again. I remember now, why I love you so much! This kind of thing would never happen in NC.

After meeting my new friend, Christian & having countless Henny cocktails with him, a bouncer invited the both of us inside this “D” shaped cutout in the stage. I wanted a front row seat, so I happily accepted. First to hit the stage was the legendary Roots crew! They were amazing!

I mean, just look at Black Thought!

Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never taken the time nor had the interest to learn anything about the rest of the Roots. (You know, outside of Black Thought & Questlove). However, dude with the Tuba was rockin’ out!

Black Thought got more comfortable & started takin’ it off! Well, just the leather. I was hopign he would do like they do on TV & throw it, but it didn’t happen.

I was trying to get a nice shot of Quest, but this is all I got. I couldn’t focus with all the feature performers that kept showing up. I have better pics of himon my iPhone though.

Tuba dude again. He & guitar guy had the most energy, for sure!

Then, Common comes out–all the women near me (including myself) LOST it.

I was the only person that was excited when Bilal came out.

Then, out comes Q-Tip. I actually got a chance to see Tip this past summer, but it was a nice surprise. We even jammed out to Bonita Applebum together. Really! I actually found a vid of it on You Tube.
P.S. That’s me in the red hat. 🙂

Just look at this man! How could you not want a piece? I mean, love his music.

Q-Tip, right before or after our moment together. He killed it!

Yo, everyone went NUTSSSSSS when Queen came out!

Then she showed us why she was the Queen. She sang, she rapped, she freestyled, threw in some reggae–this woman is an artist!

I’ve been to some amazing concerts, but this one had to be one of the most minimal, but high energy & star-studded shows I’ve seen in a while. And I didn’t pay not one penny. You’ve gotta love NYC, right?


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