Latest Interview: The Clipse

Virginia Is For Grindin’ It’s very well-known that Virginia is for lovers—lovers of music, lovers of hip hop. With talent like Timbaland, Missy & Pharell all hailing from the loving state, it’s no wonder why two of VA’s finest—Malice & Pusha—are not only filling those big shoes, but using said shoes to walk along their … Continue reading

Random Photos from Random Parties & What Not

This was earlier this summer at a party called: Party Like A Pinup This is me trying to dress like one 🙂 Gabby LOVES takin’ pics with these weird ass angles. My legs look yummy! 🙂 Don’t really know this guy. He just really wanted as pic with me *shrugs* I was wearing my Harem … Continue reading

Emotional Baggage Weighing You Down?

Baggage. People carry around so much with them on a daily basis. Some people know it & some schlep it with them everywhere they go without even realizing it. It’s very hard to move on from a past love(s), like(s) or infatuation if your heart was 100% true with that person. Sure, breakups are hard … Continue reading