It’s Christmas Time in the Country

I went home for Christmas, neice, nephew & sister in tow. We had an incredible time with our little country family. Christmas has definitely lost its luster as the years have gone by. I remember the excitement in going to bed on Christmas eve, not being able to sleep knowing your new favorite toys were … Continue reading

TIm Burton at the MOMA

Art is amazing because it’s all about perception. Some people manage to think so far out of the box, they leave us all behind in a confused stupor. However, some artists are so in tuned with their imaginations, they take us on a journey with them & we get to see the world through their … Continue reading

Hometown Glory

I went home for Thanksgiving this year & that’s kind of a big deal, because usually, I don’t go because my sister can’t afford it. She has two children & traveling with kids is never cheap. With trying to make her ends meet on a daily basis, raising two kids solo in BK, going home … Continue reading