Hometown Glory

I went home for Thanksgiving this year & that’s kind of a big deal, because usually, I don’t go because my sister can’t afford it. She has two children & traveling with kids is never cheap. With trying to make her ends meet on a daily basis, raising two kids solo in BK, going home for the holidays was never an option for her. It would always make me feel guilty for leaving her behind.
This year was supposed to be special. My mom’s birthday is the day after Thanksgiving & she’s been in & out of the hospital quite a few times this year. My brother wanted to make sure we celebrated her 58th year of life. It was lovely.

I was hiding out at my oldest sister’s house with my two adorable nieces–Azariah & Makayla.

This is the night I surprised my mom. She was mad that I was in Rocky Mount for a few days without her knowing. LOL

Couldn’t be home without seeing Grandma. PS, she’s 93!

My niece is convinced that she’s not as cute as she is. She’s got quite the dark skin complex. I’m working on her self esteem.

My little mini-me Kayla presenting her Thanksgiving song to us.

My nephew Jalen being his super silly self.

My nieces wanted to see how far they could stretch my genie pants–those are pillows!

The girls were having a blast with grandma’s wigs!

I’m so sure she’s going to end up being an actress. She’s so good with her face.

Momma on her bday. The dress was a gift from me–I knew her hazel eyes would look amazing in it.

I had to get her out of the house so my siblings couuld set up her surprise bday party–so we went to try on some wigs 🙂

I think I might start doing the wig thing. It costs less than going to the salon & you can switch your look up whenever you want! I loved this one on her!

I was trying to convince her t go longer. Even with closed eyes, she’s so cute!

Another blinking shot lol

She ended up LOVING this one & got it. I told her she looks young in it.

She loved her new look!

Same hairstyles, but hers was cheaper. Will I be rocking wigs soon?

Back to the house for her surprise bday lunch. She told me she felt so special. I cried LOL

Mom’s new TV. Swanky.

The bday cake. 🙂

Happy tears.

My neice is obsessed with high heeled shoes & my sister finally got her her own pair (kitten heels)

Right after Thanksgiving, I had to put up the Christmas decorations. Momma wastes no time.

Her little tree. Cute, huh?

Last stop, Grandma’s. How cute is she?!
I would have taken a lot more photos of the fam, but they aren’t really all that fond of photos. What can you do? 🙂 I’ll get more over Christmas though. And no guilty feelings this time around because my sister is coming too!!! This Christmas will be a very special Christmas!


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