TIm Burton at the MOMA

Art is amazing because it’s all about perception. Some people manage to think so far out of the box, they leave us all behind in a confused stupor. However, some artists are so in tuned with their imaginations, they take us on a journey with them & we get to see the world through their eyes. Those people to me art true artists. Tim Burton is one of those people. He’s managed to have a career in art that goes beyond painting & sculptures. He’s mainstream & that’s a diffcult feat for most artists. We’ve seen his work in movies (Beetlejuice, Batman Returns & Pee-wee Big Adventure to name drop some.)

Taking photos at the MOMA isn’t illegal, but they didn’t allow it in the Tim Burton exhibit, so my iPhone & I had to work around the restriction. I got yelled at a few times by a few self-righteous bouncer types, but I managed to snap a few pics. In case you guys can’t make it to the exhibit before it’s done, check these out! It’ll be going on until April 26, 2010, so you have time! 🙂


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