Man Whores & A Woman Scorned

I was on Facebook the other day, randomly (if you know me, you know I don’t fancy FB) & I was kinda shocked to see my chat window blinking. When I clicked, I was a little confused to see that it was a happy couple (girl kissing boy on cheek) trying to get my attention with a simple, “Hey.” I recognized the fella in the photo–Justin. He & I went to college together. I don’t know who he is now, but back then, Justin was a typical college cutie. You know the type–girls standing in line just to be noticed by him, always the one on the yard with all eyes on him–he was definitely desired & he knew it. He was definitely cocky. An underclassmen with seniors after him.

Admittedly, I was  one of those girls that desired him. It’s been a few years since we met & I can’t really recall how we met, although, I think it was through FB (when it first came out). Either way, Justin had somehow caught wind that I gave head like my life & my grade depended on it. Hey, don’t judge–I’m sure we all had our slutty college days. Well, being that Justin was such a cutie & I was so desperate to have a hottie in my bed, we hooked up. And that, was basically that. From what I remember it was a one time thing.

I would see Justin around campus, all hugged up with a top model wannabe chick & he wouldn’t even glance my way. Back then, that lack of attention would send my thoughts reeling into–“Am I not good enough for him? I’m too big for him, so he’s embarassed. Maybe I should have had sex with him–that would have kept him.” –Yeah, typical lost girl with daddy issues & trying to find love, tangled in sheets in dark dorm rooms.

When Justin told me through Facebook the other day that he didn’t really remember who I was & I had to remind him that we hooked up. After his memory was sufficiently jogged, he was all chitter chatter. But not about, how I was these days or what I was up to–Justin wanted to know if I wanted to watch him jack off on camera because thinking about the head I’d given him some 6 years ago made him hard.I can’t front like I wasn’t a little flattered. I my mind, I shamefully pat myself on the back, but I was also a little hurt.

I used to treat myself like the sideline chick back in the day because any attention was good attention to me. But, now that I am in my roaring 20’s, I’m grown & definitely not the sideline chick anymore. So the fact that he would think that I was actually willing to watch him pleasure himself on webcam, while he chats with me through FB with his girl’s picture in clear view–made me want to set him up.

I figured I could get a few screen shots of him doing that, with our chat box open & confront his girlfriend with the evidence. Should I take it upon myself to get his busted? Or should I just mind my own business & write Justin off as yet another untrustable man? See, it’s things like this that make me bitter about men. I try my best not to be a man-hater, but these dudes seems to always find their way to me. I strongly believe in you get what you put out there, but I don’t feel like I put anything out there to attract these fools. He still lives in NC & wanted to know when I would be home next. He also asked me if I was dating anyone. I told him no one in particular, but I am dating more women these days. Of course he took that information & handled like any BOY would–he asked for a threesome. (NOT even with his own GF!)

Personally, I feel worse for his girlfriend. I’m certain I’m not the only woman he reached out to, to get his rocks off. I asked about her & he told me that they were good. Wow, men are very srange creatures. I really hope I can stop meeting or reacquainting myself with these losers. I really don’t need to be anymore jaded about men.


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