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Can’t block what you loboe!

New Poem in the works

When social etiquette won’t let us get upset with the way things are you’re taught to camouflage regret and religious structure tells us God wants us to suffer to support a situationwe all know is obligation …to be continued

Another dating rant

Where do you draw the proverbial line? Gregory is a nice guy. A VERY nice guy. Nicer than most I’ve met. But he’s a sad guy that’s down on his luck. Searching for love in all the wrong places and faces and somehow, he found me. All that keeps ringing in my head when I … Continue reading


I’m suffocating. Life is strangling me.

Sometimes I forget….

The simple things, like this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Simple. Mighty. Robust. Vigorous. From this moment forward, I will try as best as I can to wake up every morning with a spirit of thankfulness. God has given me so much and I … Continue reading

Same Sex Dating

I was not at all nervous about my first girl on girl date. Actually, I was completely fine until we sat down at the table. It seemed like a lil friendly get together, until we officially sat down. Then, it became a date. I learned that blind dates are never fun. Even if you see … Continue reading

I know what GIRLS like…

…Girls like ME. (And, I like girls.) I have been dealing with issues with my sexuality for a while. At first, it was moreso internal than anything else. Then, I would let it slip out on occasions; as far as me following a beautiful pair of legs, hips and butt around the room with my … Continue reading

This here, celibacy thing…

I have three approaching deadlines (one is today), so I really should be working on that. The pressure of looming deadlines motivate me. Ha! The procrastinator’s mantra! Whatevs. I’ll get to it. Lately, I have been practicing abstinence. Sometimes I catch myself calling it celibacy. I think of Jill Scott’s “Celibacy Blues” and I can … Continue reading


So I packed my stuff up in Sept 06, hopped in a Budget Truck and made my way to the proverbial city of dreams. Needless to say, it has been more and less than my dreams within a 2 year span. Like anyone, I have had my ups and downs. I have been able to … Continue reading